South Korea is such a wonderful place that can actually capture and deliver all
imagination for ones next tour trip.

South Korea is an amazing place located on the axis of the East Asia continent and
covers over 96,920 square kilometres of land and water space. This hence makes
this nation mount up as the 109th largest nation in the world.
The nation residents over 25 million people and has gotten a place in the world
tourist centre by the of its high concentration on amazing tourism, museum and
several parks. This alone is worth taking a tour for.
Below are some of the amazing places that have been visited and reports from the
tourists is beyond just tours to amazing tours.

National folks museum of Korea :

vacation in South Korea

the national folk museum of Korea, is one
of the centre attraction in South Korea and has gained a world relevance
over the time. Claims from a tourist that has been to this amazing place have
their mind on it has a high-class tourist centre. The centre is known to
display the unique culture and folks history of the Koreans from prehistoric
times to the end of Joseon Dynasty. The museum, offers their visitors
various seminars, exhibitions, performance art, concerts and hands-on
activities. The exceptional dealings of this tourist centre have earned her a
world recognition.

Yongdusan park :

Yongdusan Mountain is actually one of Busan’s three
most famous mountains. It was originally called Songhyeonsan Mountain,
which by interpretation, means a mountain with a view of the sea through
the dense pine tree forest. However, the name was later changed to
Yongdusan Mountain. The mountain peak is shaped similar to a dragon’s
head (you), and they believe it is protecting their area against foreign
invaders overseas. Available facilities include Busan Tower, flower clock,

Statue of Admiral Yi Sun-Shin, (dragon) Monument, Yongdusan Art
Gallery, etc.

Haeundae beach:

This is one of the most popular centres every Korean
tourist never miss out on. Recently the beech has been considered as an
efflux of foreign tourists, from China, Japan and Western countries.
However, Due to its length, amazing beauty, and because it can be easily
accessed from the downtown from Busan, the beach is notably busy all
around the year with n numerous activities and festivals, cinema, and parties.

Namsan Seoul Tower :

This tower is considered as a tower-type tourist spot in
Korea and it has claimed so many claimed by many to be so imperative and
amazing. The peak of the tower is at almost 480m above the sea level and
this unique many tourists has considered awesome and desirable. And this
has made the centre a hallmark in Seoul.

Lotte world tower :

Is a 123-floor, 554.5-meter supertall skyscraper having its
location in Seoul, South Korea. This edifice has drawn the attention of the
world, it is the 5th tallest building in the world with one of the best mall.
Jamie H. One of tourist to Lotte said this “You could easily spend a full day
in the mall itself. The tower is amazing and definitely worth a visit. Even if
you have an hour or so free time, I’d recommend a visit just to see it.”


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