Best Caribbean islands for couples

The Caribbean is a district that is made up of the Caribbean Sea, its islands and the adjoining coasts. The Caribbean Island’s region is one of the most famous region for a relaxing vacation. The Caribbean has a number of tourist attractions. The place is full of beautiful islands which are visited by hundreds thousands of tourists every year. One can swim, hike, party and relax at the same.

If you are planning to visit the Caribbean islands with your spouse, read this article till the end.

We have combined a list of best Caribbean islands for couples for a relaxing vacation.


  1. Aruba

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The Aruba Island is marked on the southern Caribbean Sea and it is full of relaxing sunny beaches. The weather here is warm and it is ideal to spent time on beach such as, the Palm Beach and Eagle beach. An attraction of an island in the white sandy beaches which offer a nice view for couples. The Arikok national park on the Aruba Island is also a catch. A couple can visit the national park to see the wildlife. The nightlife is also cool at this Island as there are a number of casinos here which entertain the tourists all night long. Aruba Island is a go to Caribbean Island and it is in the list of best Caribbean Islands for couples who are on honeymoon or a relaxing vacation from daily hassles.


  1. Jamaica


You must have heard the name Usian Bolt, the fastest man on earth. Well he is from Jamaica. Jamaica is famous for its Reggie music that provides ultimate entertainment to the tourist. It also has some cozy resorts where the tourists can rest, reside and enjoy. Some of the famous resorts are Sandals Grande Ocho Rios Beach and Villa Resort, Club Caribbean and Ocean Club at Jamaica Inn. If you are a golf lover you should definitely rush to Jamaica as the Island has a lot of golf courses such as, White Witch Golf Course. The weather here is ideal to play golf, light day sunlight with a pleasant cool afternoon. Talk about the beaches here, the seven mile beach is one of the most popular one to take a sun bath. Never miss to visit Ocho Rios when you go to Jamaica, experience the Dunn’s river falls.


  1. Bahamas


Bahamas Island is in the list of best Caribbean Islands for couples. These islands are 60miles away from Florida, USA. There are a number of attractive pink and white beaches for couples to relax after applying their sunscreen. Volleyball courts and nets are built for the sporty people. Experience the coral reef and roam around in underwater caves by diving into the water in Bahamas. To see a breath taking view go to the Glass window bridge. If you are looking to do some photo shoot, the place is ideal, no matter what angle picture you take, it will have a perfect natural background. Some well-known resorts on Bahamas Island are Harborside Resort at Atlantis, Viva Vacation Club at Viva Wyndham Fortuna Beach and Island Seas Resort. You will get accommodation from cheap to expensive rates depending upon what room and view you choose.


  1. Barbados

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The Barbados Island is an all in one place. It offers tourist different kind of activities such as experience bizarre wildlife, calm and clean sandy beaches, golf courses and best dinning. The place have lots of restaurant and cafés where food from different destinations is available. The Bridgetown city offers tourists some nightlife in nightclubs and casinos for all the poker lovers. One of the most attractive places on this Island are underwater caves such as the Harrison’s Cave. Hiking and trekking can also be done on this Island on the Mount Gay Rum. Occasional horse races are also arranged for tourists to take part in. Barbados is among the list of best Caribbean islands for couples.


  1. Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic
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The Dominican Republic can be visited at any time of the year as the weather here is pleasant all year long. The beaches offer a spectacular view of crystal clear water. The Dominican Republic’s capital is Santo Domingo founded by Bartolome Columbus in 1496. The Santo Domingo is famous for its long history and the place also has many historical sites which can be visited by the couples and tourists. The locals have got some amazing dance moves which are a must watch. These dances include merengue and rock dance. There are many mountains and savannahs on this Island which are ideal for tourists who love to explore on feet. Pico Duarte is the tallest of the mountains and many people hike on this mountains, there are ready made tracks which you can follow or you can plan and follow your own track too. Tourists can visit and stay on resorts such as Sol Melia Vacation Club at Paradisus Palma Real and Melia Vacation Club at Melia Caribe Tropical. These resorts offer a variety of activities for the couples/tourists.


  1. Puerto Rico

Puerto, Rico
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Puerto Rico consists of a number of islands. The weather is pleasant throughout the year ranging from 20 degree Celsius to 27 degree Celsius. There are many activities that can be done on this Island such as surfing and sailing. A boat or shop can be taken on rent and tourists can roam around the ocean. There are cruises available with packages which offer lots of activities to the travelers. If you are interested in knowing the history and touring the historical sites, your go to places are Ponce offer and San Juan city. These cities also offer nightlife, there are many casinos that can be visited. People here are generally friendly and easy to talk to, so you can make many new friends here.


So this was a lift of the best Caribbean islands for couples to have a relaxing vacation. These Islands have a lot to offer and you will definitely make lots of memories.



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