Best Places to Travel Alone in Asia

Best Places to Travel Alone in Asia , Our social Media’s are always full of pictures people post with their family, spouse or friends when they go traveling. We all dream for a perfect family holiday. But sadly, busy schedules, everyone has clashing when it comes to planning a tour. One way or the other, no one is free at the same time.

Well, do not get sad at all. The people who go with family or friends have not experienced the fun and thrill it takes to travel alone. Yes, you read it right. Travelling alone can be one of the best life experiences you will ever have so it might be a good option to go travel alone. You can spend time with yourself and find out who you really are. My friend, go travel alone!

Best Places to Travel Alone in Asia , Asia is one of the most beautiful continents. It has all those places you have always dreamed to visit. Let’s look at some of the safest and best places to travel alone in Asia.

  1. Pai, Thailand

Pai, Thailand

Pai is one of the best places you can go travel alone to. Its greenery mesmerizes the travelers. At first it doesn’t seem real at all, it looks like an artificial scenery but slowly and steady you realize, what you are looking at is absolutely real. The locals here are very friendly and will help you with every step.

  1. Gili Air, Indonesia

Gili Air, Indonesia
Kanenori / Pixabay

Gili air is a small island where there are cool breezes 24/7. It has several natural and artificial beaches one can relax on. Let’s not forget to mention, the beaches are not just couple oriented, there are more people like you there. You may hang out with new people and go climbing and trekking on Java and Rinjani.

  1. Taiwan

khluo6367 / Pixabay

If you are a foodie who doesn’t compromise on food. You should definitely go travelling to Taiwan. The place has a number of restaurants which offer different types of foods. You can find chicken, Thai food, Chinese, BBQ, and everything your taste buds might be craving for so long. Taiwan will surely fulfill all your food cravings.

  1. Bali, Indonesia

Bali, Indonesia
Mariamichelle / Pixabay

Bali is another Island in Indonesia. The island has natural beauty which captures the soul of the traveler. If you are looking to go to a quiet place to reflect upon your inner self and find peace, Bali is an ideal place for you. During the day you can have all the time to yourself and when you start to get bored all by yourself you may go to a nearby party.

  1. Seoul, South Korea

Seoul, South Korea
Leon_Ting / Pixabay

K-pop fans should not miss on to Seoul. Seoul’s infrastructure will fascinate to you the fullest. The place has temples that can be visited and admired. Let’s not miss the shopping markets. Women who love shopping will definitely find trendy and stylish clothes in the markets such as Namdaemun and Myeongdong at reasonable rates.

  1. Luang Prabang, Laos

Luang Prabang, Laos
MamMam / Pixabay

Fast water running through the mountains in form of waterfalls can be experiences live in this place. Beautiful nature photography can be done at this place. If you can looking for your next level new face book’s display picture, this place having the waterfalls in the background will serve as one. Moreover, there are restaurants and cafes around where you can meet people and get to know them. Plus, you can experience the modernity and history at the same place.

  1. Mayanmar


For all those who admire history should definitely pay a visit to Mayanmar. The place has a lot to offer, there are ancient towns, temples and old villages. The ancient beauty is untouched. People here are very simple, kind and welcoming.

Well, all the places mentioned above are safest and best places a person and go travel alone. Pack your bags it’s time to go on an adventure. Good luck on your solo trip.



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