St. Thomas is a great place for vacations and if you are there you shouldn’t miss going to the Bolongo Bay Beach Resort as your final destination. The Bolongo bay beach is a three story resort which offers exclusive rooms with a view of the Sea. The resort has a private pool for the tourists and it is an affordable yet amazing place to stay.


Why choose Bolongo Bay Beach Resort ?

Bolongo Bay Beach Resort
Bolongo Bay Beach Resort

The resort offers quality and quantity both. The resort is 35min away from the Mangrove lagoon. It is easily accessible and there are many nearby places such as, Bluebird’s beach which is 35min walking distance, Haven sight mall for shopping about 3 miles away, Fort Christian approximately 4.3 miles away, The Blackbeard’s castle 4.5 miles away and many more exciting places. The Bolongo Bay beach resort is on prime location for the tourists who want to roam around the area.



Bolongo room

Live like you are home but with added luxury. There are over 74 rooms which are fully air conditioned. The beds have neat and clean bed sheets. Each room has a fridge to chill your food and beverages. For all those who love coffee, there are coffee machines, so make your own coffee whenever you want to. Sometimes all you want is your bed and a TV to relax. All the rooms have a flat TV with satellite channels attached to a wall in front of your bed or sofa. Free Wi-Fi signals also come in all the rooms so you can update your Snapchats and don’t break a streak. Each room has a private bathroom, which provides the tourists essential toiletries complementary.


Other services

The resort has a housekeeping service. Every morning maids come in and clean your room. Moreover, free parking is available to park your cars at ease in a safe place. To sweep the heat away, a special outdoor pool is designed. The pool is clean and safe to swim. A fitness center is specially designed for fitness enthusiast who never want to miss a gym day. If you are short on money, there is an ATM from where you can withdraw your money. There is a gift shop located in the resort to buy gifts for all those who would be waiting back home for you to return.


The view

Bolongo Bay beach resort
Bolongo Bay beach resort

As the Bolongo Bay beach resort faces the sea it has a breathtaking view. Even some of the rooms have this view and people go out and relax on the beach. People here are friendly and you may make new friends and relax on the soft sand with them.


Dining facilities


A place is never good enough if it does not have dining facilities. The Bolongo Bay Beach Resort has a restaurant and a bar both to fulfill your stomach. The Lobster grill will serve you breakfast, lunch and dinner near the pool. The Iggie’s Beach Bar & Grill will provide you all the midnight entertainment while you sip your chilled cocktail.



go surfing

The Bolongo Bay Beach Resort have a lot of activities for the tourists that run all year long. The tourists can go surfing, snorkeling, and paddle boating on the resort’s private beach. There are free scuba diving lessons offered to the tourists by the St. Thomas diving club. If you want to explore the sea, go sailing and meet all the sea animals along the way. There is a carnival night at Iggie where people drink and dance till the mid night or even part the mid night. So in short, the place offers ultimate fun and never lets you get bored. Go on Heavenly days to explore the Caribbean Sea on board with lots of other tourists.


Wedding at the resort


We all dream of having our wedding at a special place. The Bolongo bay beach resort arranged weddings with all the fancy decorations and bright lights. The place gets decorated with flowers and much more.


The Bolongo Bay Beach Resort is a perfect final destination during your vacations. Do not forget to visit this enjoyable place. It has a lot of offer to tourists in an affordable rate.


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