Snow City Singapore

THE Snow City Singapore┬ápermanent indoor snowmobile center. When it is removed, it is located in Singapore’s Science Center and is a huge cooler, where you can walk through the tropical climate of Singapore at 5 degrees Celsius.

What to expect in the snow town

Snow City
Do not expect a wide space. This should be called small town instead of a city.

The first experience after entering the cold will be the galaxy “Dino World.” The Ice Gallery contains more than 20 intricate ice sculptures by the famous sculptor Jeffrey Ng. The main attraction for children in this area is the “slide” made of ice. My boys had a few spins on the slide, but it was very slippery – so I decided after every turn of my head (the last thing I wanted was a trip to the hospital).

After the Ice Gallery, we go through the main snow. On the left-hand side of the Snow Chamber is a giant snowman throwing snowballs at the boy and then moving on. There are also small sleds in this area. You sit on the sleigh, and the photographer takes pictures (that’s very nice).

On the right side of the snow chamber is a giant snowfall. The slope is 60 meters long and three stories high. Snowy slopes are one of the main features in Snow City. You have to climb the long staircase with your black “snowmobile” (looks like a donut) to reach the top of the slope. When you’re up, sit in the snow and slide down the slope.

It freezes inside. The temperature of snow and ice is between -5 and -10 degrees Celsius.

Getting to Snow City involves a jacket and boots, but that’s not enough. You will wear gloves (if you do not have one you can rent) and wear at least one dull shirt under the jacket. Also, be sure to wear jeans / long pants and wear socks.

The City of Snow is a sure hit with young children, offering them a unique experience in Singapore. However, before you go to the freezer in Jurong, here are some of the things you need to know.

  1. Wear Socks

The entrance fee for Snow City Singapore includes the free use of winter boots. You have to wear these boots around the snow chamber in the snow town. For hygienic reasons, you should bring a pair of socks that you can wear with these boots. If you forget, the stockings are available for $ 2.60 for babies and $ 3.00 for adults from the counters.

  1. Bring Gloves and Waterproof Pants (or Rent Them)

Bring Gloves and Waterproof Pants

It may seem obvious, but you have to wear long pants to get into the snow chamber in Snow City.

The use of winter jackets is part of the cost of registering in Snow City. These jackets may not be the first, but keep your body warm.

We also recommend gloves and waterproof pants. Gloves keep your fingers cool to the bone. If you plan to walk in the snow through the snow, you will not be able to swim with a pair of waterproof pants. And believe us when we say that this can be a very uncomfortable feeling you want to avoid.

Even if you do not have gloves or waterproof pants, you can rent Snow City for a fee. Baby gloves cost $ 1.60 and $ 2.10 for adults. Waterproof pants for kids are $ 3.20 and $ 4.00 for adults.

  1. Special Snowy Programmes

meet Oki and friends

During school holidays and other special events, Snow City offers events and programs. These include snow sessions, storytelling, and scientific presentations. Children can also meet Oki and friends. Visit the Snow City website for the latest details.

  1. Ski and Snowboard

Ski and Snowboard

Those interested in skiing or snowboarding can contact Sports Quest Snow Sports Academy, which offers snow sports programs with internationally trained coaches in Snow City. The programs take advantage of Snow City’s 60-meter standard and novice railways and look after children ages 3 and up.

  1. Restaurant at Snow City Singapore

Restaurant at Snow City Singapore

When the cold affects your appetite, Snow City has an excellent restaurant that most people miss. It is located on the floor above the main reception of the snowy district. PocoLoco @ Snow City serves Italian food and beers from its microbrewery. Here you can enjoy food, even if you do not intend to enter the icebox.


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