Switzerland, which is officially known as ‘Swiss Confederation’, is a land locked country located in Europe. It boasts of its snow-capped mountains, quaint villages, verdant valleys, luxurious resorts and gushing waterfalls. In addition, the country is renowned for its ski resorts, hiking trails, banking and finance. However, it has much more to offer to its discerning tourists. Some of the top places of interest in Switzerland are as follows:



Appenzell is a town, which is located at the foothills of Alp Stein Mountains. It is regarded as one of the popular tourist destination spots across the globe.

The Old Town of Bern:


It is a medieval townscape, which was listed in the UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites back in the year 1983. This historical town traces its origin back to 1191 featuring the Clock Tower (Zytglogge), The Prison Tower (Kafigturm), the Cathedral (Munster) and a well-preserved sandstone facade. The Old Town of Bern, encompassed by river Aare, makes it one of the perfect spot for tourists to indulge in recreational activities such as swimming and paddling across the river.

Switzerland’s Grand Canyon- Ruinaulta : 


Ruinaulta, which is also known by the name ‘Flims Rockslide’, is a canyon that offers picturesque views of the landscapes. The tourists may travel either on foot, bike or a car to explore one of the natural wonders of the world.

The Swiss National Park:

The Swiss National Park

It is one of the first and oldest National Parks in Europe. Some of the best time to explore this park is during the months of June, July and September where you will come across some of the exotic varieties of flora and fauna including Alpine flowers, ibex, chamois and deer.



It is a quaint village, which is located at the foothills of Brienzer Rothorn Mountains. It is considered as the starting point to kick-off one’s journey to some of the fascinating places like Bernese Oberland and the Ballengberg Open-Air auditorium.

Ballengberg Open-Air Museum:

Ballenberg Open-Air Museum

It is a century old museum, which comprises of enchanting gardens and luxurious guesthouses.

Brienzer Rothorn Mountain :

Brienzer Rothorn Mountain

Brienzer Rothorn Mountain, which stands at an elevation of about two-thousand three hundred and fifty meters above the sea level, offers panoramic views of the surrounding areas.

St. Moritz:

St. Moritz

St. Moritz is a famous alpine holiday resort and the primary venue for Winter Olympics.

The Glacier Express:

The Glacier Express

The Glacier Express is an express train, which had initially begun its operations in the year 1930. It is a seven-hour journey, which passes through two-hundred and ninety one bridges and ninety-one tunnels. The tourists can experience the charming and precarious mountain passes during the course of their journey.



Lugano is one of the largest towns located at southern Switzerland. The density of population is estimated to be nearly sixty-three thousand nine hundred and thirty two. It is regarded as a major financial and business hub. Some of the key highlights of this town include botanical gardens of San Grato and the Baroque Sanctuary of Madonna D Ongero.



It is regarded as one of the swankiest shopping streets across Europe. During the onset of Christmas, the streets are beautifully adorned with lights while the tourists resort to window-shopping to take souvenir back home. You can feel the aroma of fresh toasted almonds and hot cider while strolling across the streets of Bahnhofstrasse.



It is an ancient town, which serves as the gateway to the Central Switzerland. Besides that, it offers panoramic views of the bridges and historic houses that are lined along the streets. Nestled in the midst of Mount Pilatus and Mount Rigi, the tourists can go for a stroll and indulge in sailing, which commence from the Vierwaldstattersee dock. Some of the major landmarks of Lucerne include The Chapel Bridge, which was erected back in the year 1333. A fire devastated it in 1993; however, it was later re-constructed to preserve its original structure.



Engelberg, which is an alpine town, is a perfect retreat for adventure enthusiasts. It is one of the preferred summer holiday destinations by the tourists around the world since it houses a multitude of luxurious hotels and restaurants. They can even hire a cable car directly from Engelberg and head straight to the Mount Titlis.

The Harderkulm:

The Harderkulm

The Harderkulm, which stands at a height of more than four-thousand meters, provide picturesque views of Jungfrau region.



Murren is a mountain village, which is located at the foothills of Schilthorn peak. This village was also featured in numerous Hollywood action movies like James Bond 007.

The Schilthorn:

The Schilthorn

The Schilthorn, which overlooks the valley of Lauterbrunnen, is a summit located at Europe providing awe-inspiring views of mountain peaks.



Zurich is the largest city in Switzerland, which boasts of its rich history and culture. It is home to more than fifty museums and one hundred art galleries. The tourists can also take part in recreational activities such as boat riding and hiking as well.



Zermatt, which is a small quaint town, is an ideal spot for adventure and sports enthusiasts. It is located just stone’s throw away from one of the largest mountain peaks in Switzerland ‘Matterhorn’. The tourists are required to comply with the traffic rules and regulation since they allow only battery operated vehicles rather than gasoline-driven vehicles. This town is well connected to international destinations via trains.

Lake Geneva:

Lake Geneva

It is the largest lake in Western Europe, which shares its borders with France. Some of the major highlights include skiing and hiking across the mountain ranges.

Spiez Castle:

Spiez Castle

Spiez Castle, which was constructed in the year 1933, is one of the oldest castles in Switzerland. It was constructed in Romanesque styles of architecture.

Those who wish to have an ‘other worldly’ experience should visit Switzerland to fulfill their desires and it should be on top of the bucket list of every tourist.


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