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Anguilla is the secret to a perfect weekend in Caribbean. Do not get the same amount of celebrity banners as St. Barts; the big superyachts do not dominate its harbor in St. Kitts, the island is not full of a tourist mafia that hit Antigua in the sun for two weeks. Anguilla is a small island east of Puerto Rico and the northernmost island of Leeward Island Prison.


you will have the best Weekend In Caribbean in Anguilla, Tourists have not yet put their creams and sunscreen rugs on Anguilla. Essentially untouched, the island has sandy beaches, crystal clear waters and the tropical climate all year round. If you are looking for the sunset, surrounded by the nearest places, we cannot recommend Anguilla enough. Here are the low levels of what is hot in Anguilla – and now we give you a head – they want to play the ghost of Anguilla and bring it back to the chest.

Where to stay


For peace: Ce Blue

If you’re really in the mood to hang out (not just social media), Ce Blue, overlooking the Tranquil Bay of Crocus, is the perfect getaway. The hotel consists of detached villas, each with its pool, kitchen, and terrace. Ideal for small groups and larger groups, the 5-bedroom villa is something you would find in postcards. Each room has a king-size bed, and all have a modern and comfortable mattress. There are the en-suite kitchen, basement, and WIFI through the villa (not that you need it).

All eight villas overlook the beach, and the beach is just ten steps from your door. Each villa has been designed to the highest standards – the luxurious furnishings and the Karip-Reflex fit seamlessly into comfort and a sense of home. Ce Blue has a kitchen team cooking a cocktail party, by the way. Not only the villa, but Ce Blue also has a gym, a restaurant and a playground for the kids to have fun.

For everyone under one roof: CuisinArt Golf Resort and Spa

From the way that brings various appliances and cooking utensils, the CuisinArt Golf Resort and Spa is your company in the hospitality industry, and the child has done a fantastic job. The resort is rich but still manages to feel intimacy and character. The resort is located in the bay of Rendezvous and has 98 suites and private villas with pools. The rooms may not be up to date with the latest fashion distortions, the decor is a bit older than the competition, but the secret of this hotel is far behind the plasma TV. The CuisinArt Golf Resort and Spa has everything under one roof, and there is no judgment if you do not think you are leaving the resort, because if we are honest; you do not need it. Available there is also an 18-hole golf course, the Venus Spa with acoustic therapy, massage and anteroom, relaxation room and a Rusk beauty salon, which offers a full-service hairdresser and nails.

CuisinArt Golf Resort

Avid chefs and wine lovers can enjoy the kitchen with their kitchen benches in the hotel. There are different classes for every taste – maki, pizzas, and biscuits for children (or their big inner child) and the art of baking dough. Wine tasting takes place twice a week in 3,600 wineries in Le Bistro. You will know the difference between Melbeca and Merlot in no time.

There’s more to CuisinArt Golf Resort & Spa: rent a bike and walk around the island, join an early morning yacht, sail the kayak on the open sea, enjoy the sunshine on the private beach, or enjoy yourself the pool.

The CuisinArt Golf Resort and Spa’s dining options are one of the best in the area, with many sushi and teppanyaki options in Tokyo, Japan, for the only AAA Four Diamond Leu Bistro restaurant serving fine dining. Chef Jasper Schneider with his team has created menus that reflect the taste of the food grown on the hotel’s hydro farm, as well as smartly laid out tables that feature local and international collections.

Breakfast at the Honey Club is a good reason to leave your room in the morning. Thin bread not only cakes and cereals but the latest fruits with omelet and pancakes. If folks cannot wake up from sleep, the restaurant will also bake an incredible baked pizza for lunch. With their wood burning stove, the chefs have experience in making mass delights.

What to eat

Anguilla is David in the fight against David against Golius – small but powerful (not only in the selection but also for exceptional quality and fresh produce). Anguilla responds to every bag and pallet – several large pavements will not break the bank but are still in the standard of the restaurant; to the restaurants that got global and critical recognition. Destroyed restaurants, international sophistication, and creative cuisine are here in his painting.


Barbecue is the essential metal of Anguilla and must try if you visit the sandy beaches. But this is the fish island, which deserves all recognition, and if on the menu – go for the fish option. Most restaurants serve the caught fish, and the locals are very proud of their crab friends. Vegetables should not worry about deprivation; there are many food herb potions to go around. Here’s the Round Table of the Best Restaurants That worth’s your Sparks:

For a Blowout Meal: Veya

Veya Restaurant Anguilla
Veya Restaurant Anguilla

Veya is an absolute triumph of the restaurant. Leading two men and women, Carrie and Jerry Bogar, who lifted the sticks from New York to Anguilla, opened the Veya in 2007 and received criticism from the start. The restaurant can only be called a reproduction tree. Try to grab a table on the outdoor patio – it’s a very nice magical dinner under the stars. The food here is called the “kitchen of the sun,” and the compost is spicy flavors and colorful ingredients from every corner of the world.

Come here for all the good fishes, including seafood carpaccio, traditional fish soup, and creamy butter with cream and boiled red drops. If you’re an undecided guy, Veya has done a difficult job for you with a special menu: a five-course tasting menu with Chef’s favorite foods. Word of warning; the bread basket is the best bread selection we’ve ever had – hot, freshly prepared Johnny cakes (a sort of yummy donuts) and banana bread. Do not ruin dinner alone.

North Hill Village, Anguilla

For the local cuisine: delicious

Restaurant Anguilla
Restaurant Anguilla

Anguilla has it all: 33 beaches, world cuisine, and the best hotels. If you’ve been dining extravagant and luxurious accommodations in the heart of Anguilla, there is still serenity and friendship.


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