A typical American who has been raised in America follows the American culture. He is too comfortable with his own culture and my feel that is the one and only perfect culture. Moreover, when an American visits another country, particularly Germany, they may get culture shocks. Germany is itself a beautiful place with its own distinguished culture different from the American culture. Let’s go through 10 culture shocks Americans have in Germany – TravelGate.


  1. Germans are friendly

Germans are friendly
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Yes, this may confuse you that are Germans really friendly? Indeed, they are. You may get in touch with the locals living nearby and see how welcoming they are. The ladies usually help each other with household chores. When one has to go out, the other does baby-sitting. Men may also help each other in various ways. Families also invite each other for lunch and dinners. In short, Germans will wholehearted welcome you because they value special relationships such as, friends and family.


  1. The government gives Kindergeld

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Kindergeld is a German word for Children allowance which the government starts giving when a child in born and till the age of 25. This is one of the 10 culture shocks Americans have in Germany – TravelGate, since the Americans start to get independent after the age of 18. But in Germany the government gives ample time to the individual to complete the studies and then start earning. The monthly children allowance is €190.


  1. Germany is a calm and quite place

Germany is a calm
GuentherDillingen / Pixabay

An American is use to noisy horns and loud ringtones, but this isn’t the case in Germany. Germany’s roads are quite, people do not horn here. Moreover, most of the people keep their cell phone on silent mode or on vibration. If a loud sound is made, probably every German will turn and give you a shocking look as if you killed someone.  American streets and houses are brightly lit, but in Germany, Americans will be shocked to see dim lightened houses and offices. Germans prefer dim yellow light over bright white or colorful lights.


  1. Keeping coins

Keeping coins
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Americans are used to swiping their master cards on every big or small shop. However, in Germany, people keep money and coins in their pockets. This is one of the 10 culture shocks Americans have in Germany . Coins are widely used and accepted here by the Germans. Take out all the extra stuff from your pockets and fill them with lots of coins when you are in Germany. The coins can be used to buy things such as, cans, food and other stuff.


  1. Limitless roads

Limitless roads
ToNic-Pics / Pixabay

There might have been a lot of times when you were hanging out with friends and driving way too fast and got pulled over by a police man. Well in Germany, this problem would never occur because Germany has freeways with no restrictions. You can drive as fast as you can. Finally you can fulfill your cravings of riding fast and showing your speeding skills to your friends. At night time, you will see all the Mercedes and Audis lined up in the left lanes enjoying their luxurious rides.


  1. No rules for queues

rules for queue
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In American you must have noticed there are proper queues made and nobody dares to break them or sneak in, if they do so, they will probably get beaten up by the people waiting in the line for their turn. On the other hand in Germany, there are no rules for standing in a queue. One can easily get in front of you and then pretend as if they didn’t know they were breaking in.  When you are Germany, stay vigilant so no one takes your place in line. No rules for queue are also one of the 10 culture shocks Americans have in Germany – TravelGate.


  1. Keeping everything clean

Keeping everything clean
PeterDargatz / Pixabay

At times, In America you might see some wrappers and leaves on the sideways. While in Germany, you will never see even a wrapper on the roads. Germans love cleanliness and they would start cleaning the roads and park themselves if they see the dirt. All the public places are also thoroughly cleaned. People would wash their cars daily because they do not like cars full of dirt roaming around the roads. So cleanliness is the top priority of Germans and it is one of the 10 culture shocks Americans have in Germany – TravelGate.


  1. Sunday is a Holiday for all

Sunday is a Holiday for all
Engin_Akyurt / Pixabay

Yes, Americans do have a holiday on Sunday, but the Sunday holiday is limited to offices and working maids. Nonetheless, in Germany Sunday is a holiday for all the people, including shop keepers. All the malls and shops are closed on Sunday, so basically Sunday is a home day where people do all the week’s housework and spend quality time in their house with parents, spouse and cute little children.


  1. The 1900’s style is still in Fashion

style is still in Fashion
style is still in Fashion

In case you are wondering what to do with your bell bottom jeans, floral shirts and head bands that you brought for one cultural day, the best idea is to fly to Germany. In Germany 1900’s clothes are still in fashion. Nobody will judge you on them, instead they will give you a sweet comment that you look stylish and beautiful. What is better than a place where you can wear all kinds of clothes?


  1. No customer service

No customer service
Wokandapix / Pixabay

Americans are used to customer service, whenever they need something to be done or added they would just contact customer service and get the issue fixed. However, this is not the case in Germany. In Germany, you will probably have to help yourself. Even in the restaurants if you will ask for some extra ketchup they will probably say no to your face. The customer service is not in fashion in Germany. But this comes with an advantage, when there is no customer service there is no tipping, so in short you may save a couple of bucks.


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