Best Beach Vacations In USA For Couples
Best Beach Vacations In USA For Couples

Every couple dreams about having a perfect romantic vacation. The beach vacations are specifically chosen by couples to get to know each other more and spend time together. Couple can do various activities together on the beaches such as, swimming, sun bathing, surfing, bird watching, boating and a lot more. In case you were wondering what beach you should go to with your significant other, read our list of best beach vacations in USA for couples.

  1. Laguna Beach, California
Laguna Beach
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The Laguna Beach is one of the best beach vacations in USA for couples. The sandy beach is a great place for couples to have a good time together. They can race on the soft sand and as well as rest on it. Moreover, there are resorts nearby where the couples can stay. In addition, there are spas as well. The beach also comes with small cliffs which are perfect for sitting alone at a side and have picnic or lunch. The place is not much crowded so the couples can enjoy in peace.

  1. Outer Banks, North Carolina
Outer Banks, North Carolina
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Outer banks in the place where the wright brothers first flew their plane up in the air. Since then the place became famous and it is one of the best beach vacations in USA for couples. There are historic lighthouses on the beach to visit. The couple can take a ride on open cock-pit biplane and enjoy the view of sea, seashore and the sandy beach. Couples can do various activities on this beach including, but not limited to hang gliding, deep-sea fishing and bike riding. The couple can rent a beach house to stay on the beach at an affordable price.

  1. Astoria, Oregon
Astoria, Oregon
Astoria, Oregon

The place has several beaches which are luxurious and as well as fun for couples. The couples can do bird watching together or even book a cruises to explore the sea. While you are on the cruise, you may compete with your significant other in fishing. Moreover, the hotels nearby such as, Cannery Pier Hotel provide the best atmosphere for couples after a long tiring day. The hotel also has a limousine service, which you can book and travel around.

  1. Maui, Hawaii
Maui, Hawaii
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Maui is also one of the best beach vacations in USA for couples as its weather is pleasant which makes people enjoy themselves more. The warm days make it ideal to take a sun bath. One of the beach is D.T Fleming beach which is specially designed for couples. The couples can go on long walks on the beach and also collect beautiful sea shells. The place is perfect for escaping everyday life and having some alone time with your significant other.

  1. Dewey Beach, Delaware
Dewey Beach, Delaware
Dewey Beach, Delaware

The Dewey Beach a perfect view beach and the couples can wait here the most beautiful sunset and sun dawn. Couple can go on adventures such as, parasailing, wake boarding, water skiing, windsurfing and swimming as well. In addition, after water sports, the couples can relax and watch a movie along with a bonfire. There are dining facilities as well. Finger licking fresh sea food is the specialty of this Beach. Dewey Beach is also considered for having the best beach vacations in USA for couples.

As you read above, The United States of America has best beaches for couples to go on a romantic and as well as fun filled vacation. These beaches are beautiful as offer a breath taking view to the visitors. Visit these beaches and make some memories with your significant other that you will never forget.


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