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People love to fly. The passion for flying is so much that some people, become commercial pilots, some go in the air force while others who take flying as a hobby go paragliding. Paragliding is a sport where a person jumps from the height and land after a ride of few minutes in the sky. The landing phase might go smooth to rough. One doesn’t need to have an experience in paragliding as it can done with a guide as well. So whether you are pro or not, you can go to paragliding sites. Read our list of Top 10 paragliding sites in the world TravelGate.


  1. Hautes Alpes, France
Hautes Alpes, France
rauschenberger / Pixabay

Hautes Alpes in France is 1 of the top 10 paragliding sites in the world TravelGate. As the Alpes is the highest mountain peak in the Europe it is fun to jump from that height and land on the green grassy landscape. The best time to go paragliding in Hautes Alpes is summers. There is a paragliding school as well in case you want to learn paragliding.


  1. Danyang, South Korea
Danyang, South Korea
obspred / Pixabay

Danyang is also known as the paraglider’s heaven. There are to paragliding sites here namely, Mt. Yangbangsan and Mt. Dusan. These mountains offer a magnificent view while you are flying in the sky. And you know what is even greater about this place? The paragliding site is open all year long so you can go at any time you want to. You may start packing your bags now!


  1. Wengen, Canton of Bern, Switzerland
Wengen, Canton of Bern, Switzerland
Bajarita / Pixabay

Switzerland is famous for its natural beauty. Paraglide at Wengen Canton of Bern in Switzerland for the ultimate fun experience of Paragliding. Dive from top of the mountain peaks and land on the ground. During your ride in the sky witness the natural beauty, mountains with white snow caps and green land from up in the sky. In addition, this paragliding site is also open all year long for the locals and as well as the tourists.


  1. Castelluccio, Umbria, Italy
Castelluccio, Umbria, Italy
missglock / Pixabay

Dive from the height of 1452m and land on a colorful valley. While you are in the sky you can see the flower filled land from above, it almost feels like there is a rainbow on the ground. There are paragliding schools as well. If you do not know how to paraglide a diver will go along with you. June to May is the ideal time to go at Castelluccio for paragliding.


  1. Annecy, France
Annecy, France
vchabert / Pixabay

Annecy is 1 of the top 10 paragliding sites in the world TravelGate. There are several paragliding courses offered here to learn paragliding. The diver takes off from Col de la Forclaz and flies over the lake and then lands after a few minutes ride. It is recommended that only those who know how to paraglide should go here as there is a chance of drowning in the lake if unfortunately you are unable to control the direction.


  1. Pokhara, France
Pokhara, Nepal
gorkhe1980 / Pixabay

Pokhara is offers a great place to the paragliders. The rider gets all equipped and takes off from the village of Sarangkot. He travels over the Phewa Lake and enjoys the breath taking views and then finally lands safely. There are guards to help in case of an unfortunate landing. The mountain is low altitude so the temperature is warm and it is easy to breath at Pokhara paragliding site. Pokhara is 1 of the top 10 Paragliding sites in the world TravelGate.


  1. Bir Billing, India
Bir Billing
Bir Billing

Bir Paragliding site is in northern India and it is a place where international paragliding world cup was held in 2015 so this makes it 1 of the top 10 paragliding sites in the world TravelGate. The popular season for paragliding here is from September to the mid of November. The paraglider dives from a height of 2400m, sees the view of Dhauladhar hills and Kangra Valley and then finally lands on a village named Chowgan.


  1. Queenstown, New Zealand
Queenstown, New Zealand
MayaGorsky / Pixabay

Paragliding at Queenstown in Otago is an ultimate fun site for the paragliding. The site is mostly famous for the astonishing view if offers to the paragliders. Once a paraglider takes off, he can see the beautiful Lake Wakatipu. The rider can safely land on the ground where there are experts ready to catch the paraglider. Don’t forget to make a video of the paragliding side and take a soft copy of it along with you for memories.


  1. Dune du Pyla, Gironde, France
Dune du Pyla, Gironde, France
Dune du Pyla, Gironde, France

One of the world’s famous paragliding site where thousands of people come to paraglide is Dune Du Pyla in France. It is the tallest dune in France from where the paragliders takes off. The wind blows at the face of the rider and he lands on the soft sandy sea shore. When the wind speed is fast, it is recommended that only experienced paragliders should ride at that time.


  1. Kamshet, India
Kamshet, India
Kamshet, India

The place that offers a beautiful landscape to paragliders is the Kamshet in India. There is a paragliding club here which is called, Temple Pilots Paragliding Club. The rider fly over the green hills, yellow sunflower fields, lakes and temples and then lands on a barren land. Kamshet is one of the best places to for paragliding as it has a lot of facilities. It doesn’t matter if you are an expert or a beginner, you can go at this paragliding site and full fill your desire to paraglide.


These were the top 10 paragliding sites in the world TravelGate. Have a fun filled paragliding experience and do not forget to record a video and take selfies while you are up in the sky.


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